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The Research Blockchain

The era of aimless hashing is over


Miners: Earn Gridcoin

Be rewarded for doing research into a topic of your choice through the BOINC platform. You are rewarded for helping to cure cancer, mapping the Milky Way, breaking WWII Nazi Enigma messages, and much, much more.

Projects encompass astrophysics, medicine, mathematics, biology, cryptography, climate modelling, and many smaller fields under the IBM World Community Grid umbrella project.


Spend Gridcoin

Use Gridcoin to make fast, private payments online with a transaction fee of only 0.0001 GRC and zero international transfer fees.

Gridcoin is accepted in a large range of stores, and can be traded on all major exchanges with extremely low withdrawal costs. It can also be readily cashed out as USD, EUR or CNY through a variety of channels including Tether and CCEDK.


Researchers: Get Compute

The Gridcoin Network provides a base level of reward for all projects on its whitelist. This service is provided entirely free of charge.

Project administrators can entice more researchers to their server by 'raining' GRC directly on their workforce. This GRC rain is instantaneously distributed among those working for the project, based on their relative contribution to the research.

A Next Generation Blockchain Project

Secured with POS

Investors are rewarded for securing the blockchain through a Proof of Stake mechanism. They are paid 1.5% interest per annum on their holdings alongside any research earnings.

Mined with POR 

Gridcoin is mined by Proof of Research: completing research work for real organisations and universities, which are working to tackle real problems. You have full control what projects you contribute to with your machine.


Fully Decentralised

At Gridcoin's core lies a fully decentralised peer-to-peer network, which determines how GRC is distributed between network participants based on their contribution.

100% Open Source

The entire Gridcoin source code is available on GitHub, and continues to be actively developed by a dedicated international team 4 years on from its inception.


Everybody Matters

With Gridcoin, everyone has a voice which gives them the ability to steer the direction of the network.

Create and Vote in Polls

Major decisions that affect the network are made through community polls. Everyone can vote in these polls from their wallets, with their vote being given a weight that is a function of both their balance and their research output rate. This system ensures that both investors and researchers have a fair say when it comes to community decisions.

Be Rewarded for Your Contributions

Do you have skills to contribute to Gridcoin through areas such as marketing or graphic design? Generate a network poll outlining your proposal and requesting funding. If the community approves the work, you will be paid from the treasury.

What Our Community Says

"Scientists work for years to get work published in the Astrophysical Journal. I got there by running the project Einstein@home for a couple of months, and was paid for my discoveries with Gridcoin."

"The coin that provides the most benefit for the greatest number of people IMO - not just the tiny minority that’s involved in it, but also indirectly to the rest of the population."

"This coin has the potential to propel medicine and astrophysics research on a scale we have not seen since the space race. I am literally paid to make a tangible contribution to humanity."

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